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February 12, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I sure hope Geoff Johns' smack talk here doesn't mean every mainstream comics promotional effort from now on is going to sound like a wrestling interview.

image* it's hard not to enjoy what seems like a recent wave of unearthed Charles Schulz ephemera, like this golf advertisement.

* missed it: Mason Mastroianni now signs his name to his grandfather's strip, B.C.. That's awesome, as you only see that on legacy strips a part of the time. Also awesome is that Mastroianni is apparently a member of the stylish workplace attire club.

* I'm about a decade too old to fully understand the humor of these GI Joe valentines, but my generation just got down unleashing 20 years of Scooby Doo and Good Times jokes, so it's not like I get to complain.

* Jim Kingman talks about the bad ol' days of comics distribution. You can see why people of this generation are enamored of comic book stores -- as I'm fond of saying, they had all the comics.

* the writer Sean Kleefeld brings our attention to an ongoing old comic book auction that's bound to set some kind of record.

* snowbound people looking for a little reflection of their plight in comics form can choose between There's Snow Business Like Snow Business and the Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery.

* Rob Clough has released his list of top 100 comics for the '00s, although it's odd in that there are only 50 of them. Oh, well. I started writing this before I noticed they had the posts mis-titled, so you're only going to get the first fifty from me. You can go look up the rest at TCJ if they ever post them. As far as that first 50, they are:
1. Ice Haven, Daniel Clowes (Pantheon)
2. Acme Novelty Library #19, Chris Ware (Drawn & Quarterly)
3. Safe Area Gorazde, Joe Sacco (Fantagraphics)
4. Snake & Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret, Michael Kupperman (Harper)
5. Non #5, Jordan Crane (Red Ink Press)
6. Epileptic, David B. (Pantheon)
7. Asthma, John Hankiewicz (Sparkplug Comic Books)
8. Recidivist #3, Zak Sally (La Mano)
9. Supermonster #14/Or Else #2, Kevin Huizenga (Drawn & Quarterly)
10. You'll Never Know, Carol Tyler (Fantagraphics)
11. Footnotes in Gaza, Joe Sacco (Metropolitan)
12. 1-800-MICE, Matthew Thurber (PictureBox)
13. Cecil and Jordan in New York: Stories, Gabrielle Bell (Drawn & Quarterly)
14. Little Nothings, Lewis Trondheim (NBM)
15. What it Is, Lynda Barry (Drawn & Quarterly)
16. Kramers Ergot #4, Sammy Harkham (Avodah Press)
17. Schizo #4, Ivan Brunetti (Fantagraphics)
18. The Frank Book, Jim Woodring (Fantagraphics)
19. Willie and Joe: The WWII Years, Bill Mauldin (Fantagraphics)
20. Petey and Pussy, John Kerschbaum (Fantagraphics)
21. Wormdye, Eamon Espey (Secret Acres)
22. Bughouse, Steve Lafler (Top Shelf)
23. I Killed Adolf Hitler, Jason (Fantagraphics)
24. The Imp #4, Dan Raeburn (self-published)
25. We are on Our Own, Miriam Katin (Drawn & Quarterly)
26. Spaniel Rage, Vanessa Davis (Buenaventura Press)
27. Eiland #4, Tobias Tycho Schalken & Stefan JH Van Dinther (Bries)
28. Bookhunter, Jason Shiga (Sparkplug Comic Books)
29. The Mother's Mouth, Dash Shaw (Alternative)
30. The Complete Peanuts Vol. 1, Charles Schulz (Fantagraphics)
31. Kampung Boy, Lat (First Second)
32. Dungeon: Zenith Vol. 1, Lewis Trondheim & Joann Sfar (NBM)
33. Hey, Wait..., Jason (Fantagraphics)
34. Ironclad, Dan Zettwoch (self-published)
35. Get A Life, Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berberian (Drawn & Quarterly)
36. The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Phoebe Gloeckner (Frog Press)
37. The Squirrel Mother: Stories, Megan Kelso (Fantagraphics)
38. Eightball #23: The Death Ray, Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics)
39. The Three Paradoxes, Paul Hornschemeier (Fantagraphics)
40. An Anthology Of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons And True Stories Vol. 1, Ivan Brunetti (Yale)
41. Drawn And Quarterly Vol. 4, Chris Oliveros (Drawn & Quarterly)
42. Inkweed, Chris Wright (Sparkplug Comic Books)
43. Late Bloomer, Carol Tyler (Fantagraphics)
44. Louis Riel, Chester Brown (Drawn & Quarterly)
45. Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern #13, Chris Ware (McSweeney's)
46. Mome Vol. 12, Eric Reynolds & Gary Groth (Fantagraphics)
47. Six Hundred Seventy-Six Apparitions Of Killoffer, Killoffer (Typocrat)
48. The Rabbi's Cat, Joann Sfar (Pantheon)
49. We All Die Alone, Mark Newgarden (Fantagraphics)
50. Wimbledon Green, Seth (Drawn & Quarterly)
That's a good list. Clough writes a blurb for each choice, so please follow those first two links. I'll run links to a a third and fourth post at some point assuming they show up on They may already be on there somewhere; it's a confusing place.

image* the writer Matt Fraction writes in enthusiastic fashion about the just-completed second Phonogram series.

* I guess it's nice that Jon Goldwater is doing press for a new Archie-related project, but the project itself sounds pretty uninspiring and oddly ageless, like it could have been done any time over the last 25 years.

* Darryl Cunningham lets us see a couple of pages from his follow-up to his forthcoming Psychiatric Tales.

* finally, here's a summary write-up of all the Jack Kent stuff floating around right now, including the new and I think pretty wonderful IDW book.
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