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February 23, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's a preview of the forthcoming Fight Club 2 comic. I like Cameron Stewart a lot, although as far as I can tell no cell in my body was asking for more Fight Club.

image* Henry Chamberlain on This Is Pollock. Anya Ulinich on Fatherland.

* not comics: this is really awful. I can't imagine working in a hailstorm of abuse, and I don't all the way know how the stuff directed and focused one person to another isn't clearly harassment and prosecuted that way.

* Neil Kleid wrote an intriguing piece here about the act of co-opting existing characters for the sake of Jewish identity. I've never given that concept a considered thought.

* not comics: the comics writer Dan Slott has been tweeting some about the skin color of superhero characters in the books and in the movies. He's right: there are very few prominent white characters whose whiteness is part of their identity, and very few prominent non-white characters in that world whose identity isn't at least a little bit wrapped in those elements of their identity. It seems to me dumb not to considers as many actors as can be considered for these roles. It's weird that we're having these discussions now when even the Batman TV show was happy to use non-white actors in bad-guy roles that were white people in the comics, and four decades into introducing non-white characters as alternative mantle-holders, but there's a social construction out there right now that seeks to make some people feel like they're being harassed or demeaned by politically motivated efforts to changes things from whatever they're used to. It's dumb.

* I'm not familiar enough with S. Clay Wilson to figure out the differences in his earlier and later work, but the colors on this piece are as interesting as ever.

* finally, Dave Sim draws a Ditko homage as a crowd-funding premium.
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