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February 24, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* consider this your semi-occasional reminder that Eisner Hall Of Fame voting is going on. We don't have a lot to give to worthy practitioners of the comics form, but one thing we can give them is serious consideration of who goes into any hall of fame to which we're allowed to contribute.

image* always fun to see Todd Klein post component lettering for noted superhero comics covers.

* the Niki Smith list of literary agents who represent graphic novels has recently been updated.

* the best post I read last week that I somehow failed to get a link to from this site is this Dominic Umile piece on recent writing about comics censorship.

* here's the cartoonist Dave Sim on recent comics controversies. I imagine there are a decent number of folks that would like to hear what Sim has to say about some of those things. I would usually be among them, but this time I couldn't get past the introductory paragraphs. Also something about the whole thing where we have to know that these articles were printed off the Internet and presented to him just struck me as insanely goofy this time around.

* Henry Chamberlain on various Robocop Vs. Terminator comics. Malachy Coney on The Boy With The Porcelain Blade.

* Noah Berlatsky draws a sharp contrast between how Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County approach childhood. I like the details of that observation much more than I like where he takes his conclusions, but your mileage may vary.

* not comics: this by-now-long-ago review of an episode of True Detectives gets into some of the possible comics influences.

* Adam B. Vary profiles Hayao Miyazaki. The Tell Me Something I Don't Know crew talks to Bill Boichel. Someone at Live Wire talks to Peter Bagge.

* Sean Kleefeld writes about the overall comics fans working back from some numbers. I'm terrible at casual math, and I'm worse at Internet-argument math, but I think the idea that we're talking a comics-buying public in the six figures rather than the sevens or eights is an idea worth considering.

* finally, this Jim Coin interview with Harvey Pekar was likely one of his last, if not the absolute last.
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