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March 6, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the very excellent cartoonist David Mazzucchelli has strongly disavowed a sloppily-produced version of his foundational superhero work Batman: Year One.

image* I think I've done formal art posts out of Jack Davis' Abraham Lincoln illustrations four or five times during the lifetime of CR, so I'll just make note here of a new posting of those images. Seriously, there's no better way to spend a coffee break.

* Andy Yates talks to Lisa Hanawalt. Thomas Dimopoulos profiles David Greenberger. Jeffrey Renaud talks to Jeff Lemire. Tim O'Shea talks to Karl Kesel.

* R. Stevens can do anything.

* it totally escaped my attention that MAD has been running original satirical content through their blog. That seems like it should be a big deal. Has that been a big deal? Am I just old enough to be a little cowed by MAD and no one else really is anymore?

* not comics: Lauren Weinstein writes out her entire belief system. Mine involves tamales.

* Daisy Rockwell on Habibi. Bob Temuka on DMZ. Greg McElhatton on The Silence Of Our Friends. Erica Friedman on a bunch of different comics. Brian Cronin remembers Sheldon Moldoff. Karen Sandstrom on My Friend Dahmer. Todd Klein on Green Lantern Corps #4-5. Ryan K. Lindsay on Scalped #56.

* some days Mike Sterling finds things just for me.

* the Billy Ireland Library blog looks to be celebrating Will Eisner week with a bunch of posts.

* TCJ has transcribed the public panel I was lucky enough to moderate with Brian Ralph and CF at last year's BCGF. That was a fun panel. I was still in pretty rough shape when I attended that show, to the point where my friend Gil Roth squired me to dinner before the panel because I looked like I was about to pass out. I don't remember much of the panel itself except that Brian was as great as he usually is and CF, whom I don't know, was articulate and impassioned as well. So I'm looking forward to reading the transcript later on today.

* go see Nate Powell.

* the CBLDF is running the content of a letter sent to eBay and Paypal about a new policy concerning the sale of erotic work. That seems slightly terrifying to me, because it seems like there are a few companies that are really, really dominant in certain aspects of the digital marketplace, and I'm not sure how you get around their making policies that vastly restrict the ability of certain voices to be heard.

* finally, can you help Sean Kleefeld solve this mystery?
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