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March 8, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Bart Beaty wrote in after his latest column went up to recommend this blog for anyone looking for further conversation about Katz. He would also like to note a correction pertaining to yesterday's review of Katz. Fremok did not sell the book at Angouleme. He regrets this error.

image* go here for a free digital copy of The Bureau Of Drawers Quarterly Anthology.

* missed it: Paul Hornschemeier reminds that later this month he'll be starting that Graphic Novelist Residency with The Columbus Museum of Art and Thurber House. He is their inaugural recipient.

* David Plotz on Elephant And Piggie. Andrew Shuping on Blue Pills. Greg McElhatton on Supurbia #1. Tucker Stone on an avalanche of recent comics. Ng Suat Tong on Princess Knight.

* congratulations to Martin Wisse on ten years of blogging and our continued condolences in negotiating recent life events.

* Chris Butcher shares a draft of his introduction to the forthcoming Little Hearts.

* the Black Bag Mystery... solved!

* I'm giving serious thought to ending this site just so I can spend more time following this one. Okay, not really, but still: bookmark that site.

* via Sean Kleefeld comes not one but two letterheads used by Bob Kane.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco expresses his displeasure over a new costume for a new iteration of the Jay Garrick version of The Flash. It looks like a pretty standard modern costume to me, although I'm glad he notices what I found weird about it, the announcement coming through a depiction of the character running through a gauntlet of rats. That just seems like really weird way to communicate the powerful wish-fulfillment aspect of those characters, like making the wall-sized poster of a quarterback him getting his arm knocked sideways for an interception rather than his standing tall in the pocket.

* Zander Cannon walks us through the creation of a cover.

* this is a funny article, and betting on the thickheadedness of mainstream comics fans is usually gold. That said, I don't see how mainstream comics companies were stuck between a choice of getting comics out on a rational schedule or using a lot of substitute artists, sometimes poorly-selected. I'm kind of with the fans on that one: they pay a premium for those comics, and some sort of rational solution to this seems possible.

* this is indeed very cute.

* Richard Sala's art just gets prettier and prettier.

* finally, I guess I totally missed something called Creator Owned Day. That I believe every day should be Creator Owned Day hopefully partly absolves me of my bad blogging. Here's one article suggesting some creator-owned comics, which is the kind of thing that's interesting because there's a really narrow strip of works with which such articles are concerned.
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