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March 18, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* nothing much new on Dave Sim this morning (scroll down); he's apparently resting comfortably and can start taking phone calls about six hours from when this post rolled out (10 AM ET). We wish him a speedy and full recovery. I was not aware there was an element of Dave Sim Vs. Medicine involved here as implied in the comments. I haven't kept up with the cartoonist's idiosyncratic belief system. I am glad he sought help.

image* Todd Klein on Green Lantern New Guardians #38. Sean Gaffney on Kokoro Connect Vol. 3. Henry Chamberlain on Howard The Duck #1. Noah Berlatsky revisits Icon. Johanna Draper Carlson on Shaper #1. Bob Temuka on Excalibur. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Howard The Duck #1.

* Sean Kleefeld ponders the notion of single-strip sales from syndicates to publications.

* not comics: I enjoy reading these stories Jerry Smith tells of visiting a buddy in prison. They seem very unadorned.

* Dave Press on re-reading the Casanova books. Like Press, I enjoy how different new editions of those books can be. Casanova is a series that definitely rewards some re-reading, a rare thing for comics with an action-adventure element.

* note the new date for the opening of the Graphic Details exhibit at Billy Ireland.

* Andrew Weiss tells a story that I've heard a lot of times from a lot of different people: showing your favorite comic books to someone you've singled out as a cultural or literary arbiter and being told that they're just not very good in the opinion of that person. The most common variation I've heard, maybe a half-dozen times, is someone lugging along to college their various high-end superhero books and the reviews from their hallmates not being kind.

* finally, I like this drawing from Mark Schultz.
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