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April 10, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a new Steve Ditko comic book!

* the cartoonist Mike Mignola dispenses advice to younger cartoonists in today's installment of First Second's Mentors Corner.

* it's another one of those stories I swear has come up a bunch of times, but it probably hasn't: Soleil has a new web site.

image* Marc Sobel continues his march through the greatest comic book series of all-time, Love and Rockets Vol. 1, with a look at issue #31. If I remember my L&R correctly, this is either the end or near the end of a very specific period in that title's publication history, where Los Bros were really mixing effective and ambitious long-form series with a slew of killer short stories, like "Tear It Up, Terry Downe," "Frida Kahlo" the transcendent "Flies On The Ceiling" and this issue's "Spring 1982." Man, what a comic book.

* the cartoonist and magazine editor Mike Manley sums up the last couple of days of his Babymen Essays. The money quote: "If you are 30 years old and angry that some cartoon on TV isn't getting the character right because it's aimed at kids, designed for kids -- then you have a serious fucking problem, and the cartoon is the least of it!"

* the writer Sean Kleefeld takes a quick look at historical figures in comics, particularly those that are utilized in fiction.

* the Chicago Defender takes a quick look at an historical figure of comics, Jackie Ormes.

* people are still talking about The Brave and the Bold, using as a springboard an out-loud comment by a prominent blogger as to the series' sales decline and the release of the new trade. Don MacPherson provides an overview. John Jakala suggests that maybe people aren't buying it because it has a lot of problems. I still think the more interesting question may be why anyone is asking the question in the first place.

* the writer and reviewer Graeme McMillan looks at the elements of an effective mega-crossover of the kind so loved by the big mainstream American comic book companies right now.

* the cartoonist, writer and editor Paul Karasik would like you to look at his cartoon in the latest New Yorker carousel. They could be moving around randomly, but if they aren't I think it's in the first few.

* because of my misspent youth, I probably carry a superior rating in "Marvel superhero comics released between 1974 and 1980 including all appearances of The Shroud" but would rate only an adequate at best in "duck comics from mid-20th Century." Therefore, I found this interview with Jack Hannah about Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold to be well worth a read.

* is manga porn?

* newspaper industry bible Editor & Publisher takes note of the Eric Devericks story.

* the author and early 20th Century print champion Nicholson Baker writes about Wikipedia and seems to argue that the webcomics purge from a couple of years back was a sign of a cultural shift within the community that keeps and supports that site.

* the writer Steven Grant talks about the problem of making longer stories in serialized parts.

* FLUKE previewed.

* the writer and critic Tim Hodler has interesting and unkind words for an interview with David Hajdu.

* finally, here's something not comics: a writer recants his own blurb writing on behalf of a book he later read and didn't like. Once upon a time, recommendations within comics and endorsements on covers used to be the only way outside of The Comics Journal that alt-comix fans found out about other great comics to read, a practice that devolved in the 1990s to a more crass, glad-handing exchange of PR benefits.
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