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May 20, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Charles Brownstein and I both ask you to consider becoming a member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and in this letter the Executive Director details the swag available if you join up for summer 2009.

image* the Maine Comics Arts Festival's own blog has a wrap-up of their inaugural event, including a ton of links. It sounds and looks like it was a good time.

* there is a really good review of Guy Delisle's Burma Chronicles in The Guardian right now; I can't remember if I linked to it yet. One thing that's cool is that it's a review in the Travel section. That book has stuck with me.

* there were personnel changes at an outfit called Radical Comics, which I think is one of those companies designed to deliver comics properties into the hands of Hollywood people. Details here.

* not comics: it's hard to feel sad about the rapid decline of print media when so many apparently participate in this kind of idiotic pre-arrangement. I'm not making a moral judgment but a practical one. In the long run, the few folks who will feel sickened as they hear about this I bet outweigh the few people who bought the magazine because of the protected article. That's the appropriate standard, because the article as I read it in one magazine at the doctor's office was awful, self-serving nonsense -- it wasn't important in any way that taking it with a pre-condition makes sense except for the desire to move some copies.

* finally, someone e-mailed me a link to this long article about kids being weaned away from comics that ran in March that I apparently missed. I'm not sure I totally agree with its central premise, but it's worth your time if you like those general state of things articles.
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