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May 20, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* please consider helping colorist Moose Baumann in his attempts to raise money for his wife's cancer treatments.

image* here's a discussion of the Green Lantern oath, one of the super-cheesiest things of all time, but also one of the clear touchstones for that character. I think it works for little kids, something you can see if you can memorize while you're reading those books and one of those There Are Rules plot devices that can be fun to sweat through when they become an issue. There's absolutely nothing wrong with something that works that way. It's hardly worth analyzing for its content or dramatic impact beyond those kinds of things, though.

* from Sean T. Collins, Sammy Harkham on Paying For It. At TCJ, more from Jeet Heer on Paying For It. At D+Q, Chester Brown and John Porcellino visit Brown's old neighborhood. Those are all fun links. Brown is almost certainly going to be this summer's blogging subject matter MVP.

* the co-publisher, translator and editor Kim Thompson gives notes on Isle Of 1,000 Graves.

* not comics: the thing about this article on Wonder Woman that strikes me hardest is how past successes with superhero properties like Spider-Man and Iron Man may have resulted in such limited thinking as to what might work and what might not with a property like the Maid of Might. Sure, an invisible airplane could look dopey if you do it one way, but I imagine it could be the coolest thing in the world if you do it another. I've said this before, but once you realize that Wonder Woman could absolutely get over if she were to crash that invisible airplane of hers into the front of Wayne Manor and beat the holy guano out of Batman for 15 minutes in the middle of his next movie, just punching him right down long hallways, it becomes clear that there are several ways for a character like that to work, you have just to stop fussing over the character and do one of them. Also, I figure once Thor gets over with audiences to the tune of a few hundred million, no one gets to complain about the impossible cross-adaptation task represented any other superhero character.

* speaking of mainstream superhero comics, the writer and critic Graeme McMillan suggests that the scale of the violence involved in those stories does more harm than good. I'd agree.

* does anyone else think that the Barnes & Noble purchase offers being discussed is partly B&N being really mean to Borders, like some pretty older sister making a really big deal of her various prom invites so that the whole household hears about them? I like to think so, anyway.

* Chris Pitzer is first one in with his preview of HeroesCon, the great regional full-service comics show and one I'd recommend to anyone in driving distance, no matter how you define "driving distance." It's the model con of its type right now, I think.

* the cartoonist Lynn Johnston is apparently doing weekly video podcasts now.

* I might pay up to $8500 to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger do the "Ma... ma... where's my pa?" chant.

* finally, this looks like a nice feature: Canadian cartoonists discuss the books that inspired them.
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