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May 26, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Dwight Garner at the New York Times on Paying For It.

image* the great cartoonist John Porcellino has been doing fun, photo-stuffed road reports one one of his blog -- here's the latest, from Montreal.

* Michael May uses a Mark Waid quote as a springboard for multiple links to the age-old question of how much attention to pay to audience likes and dislikes.

* not comics: this is sort of mean, but it would have been nice if the announcement of Editor & Publisher relaunching their web site was put into its own linkable post so blogs could drive attention to that fact.

* speaking of something that will be interpreted as mean but I swear I don't mean it that way, is it weird to anyone else that pinning a Jewish star to the clothing of Israel politicians is an accepted visual signifier? I've seen it a bunch this week, and it strikes me as sort of odd.

* the folks at Comics Alliance ask out loud what will happen to the DC Universe this Fall? The writer and critic Graeme McMillan suggests that it probably isn't a line-wide reboot given how much focus there is right now in the comics on restoring various status quo relationship. I'm hoping it's a Lt. Marvel event series.

* Lea Hernandez talks about modeling for the late Dave Stevens.

* finally, the conversation in this Dustin Harbin post on his strips about the Doug Wright Awards is thoughtful and engaged.
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