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May 27, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Astro City #34.

* someone from The Takeaway talks to Dean Haspiel. Chantal McStay talks to Aidan Koch. Alex Dueben talks to Roberta Gregory, and then talks to Brecht Evens. Sam Thielman talks to Axel Alonso.

* some nice person wrote in and asked that I write about this, which looks like some process to present small press titles in a way that's beneficial to their being noticed and/or sampled. I don't really have the time to sort this out -- anyone would could unpack it for me would have a vested interest in selling me on it -- but there it is, and if it's something you can use, I'm happy to be the one that introduced you to it via that link.

* submit those comics to these Ignatzes.

* team Trouble With Comics with more recent comics favorites. You should pay attention to them as they were clever enough to fool me into running links to all three articles.

* I don't know much about anything and less all the time, but I know I'm meant to spent a night in the pickle barrel house.

* comic book store employee when I asked if I should buy DC Universe: Rebirth #1. "I guess. It's like 80 pages for three bucks. You might as well." I haven't read it all the way through yet, but I laughed reading the first line of description through that link because the first page of the comic tells you to read two other comics first.

* finally, please someone show their appreciation to this site with a modest purchase of a comics classic.
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