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June 3, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I thought this a pretty good example of follow-up writing on the Al Nesbit cartoons from last weekend, where some unfortunate stereotypes were employed to make a point that some accused of racism. I had about a half dozen readers suggest different articles as follow-ups, but I thought all of them, on both sides, pretty standard political grinds without a lot of value.

image* Chris Randle profiles Gengoroh Tagame.

* not comics: it's scary for newspapers that a place like the Chicago Sun-Times has laid off its entire photography division. I'm not sure if there's any easy comparison to the newspapers of a previous generation losing their illustration and cartooning elements, but the whole thing makes you wonder exactly what it is papers expect to offer their readership and if they can offer something that matters to them.

* I find a lot of superhero comic book plots distasteful, but the idea of murdering iconic superheroes as a plot mechanism is almost more weird than gross.

* Michael Netzer comments on and summarizes a story about Don McGregor being hurt concerning an announcement of a Lady Rawhide book and how those complaints were processed by the wider comics community. That's yet another story with which I have yet to fully catch up. I do think that one problem comics has in processing such stories is that they frequently get pushed to extremes of allowable behavior rather than remain in the realm of preferred outcomes. That may be a consequence of all of us remaining on such high horses, but it could also be a trap of the "not calling something what it really is" variety. It can be a mine field. Update: The publisher and the creator have since made up.

* Batman and Grotus, World's Finest.

* I am always delighted when people send me links to oddball fan art featuring comics characters, but I am also always a bit confused as to what their expectations are concerning what I'll do with it.

* finally, I'm greatly enjoying this comic over at Gabrielle Bell's site; I just don't tend to recommend a tightly-serialized work with a "go look" until it's finished. That shouldn't stop any of you from jumping on it right now.
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