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June 24, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* internet comics commentary godfather Steven Grant returns to CBR with a temporary column. I enjoy Steven's columns.

image* Marc Tyler Nobleman presents a three-part, 2006 Jerry Robinson interview that was work product for Nobleman's Bill Finger book: 1, 2, 3.

* Zak Sally continues his sprawling discussion with Peter Bagge. Rachel Piper talks to Pat Bagley. Casey Gilly talks to Team Templar.

* a couple of people sent me this article -- so my apologies if someone major had it first, which is usually the case when I get multiple send-ins -- about a conventional-wisdom style truth of the Hong Kong market for cartoonists and comics-makers: because there isn't enough work to go around, artists work wherever they can to get by.

* if you're into modern mainstream comics storytelling, Carla Hoffman makes a few good points here how the purpose of these event mini-series has a great deal to do with "shaking things up" in a way that means other creators have to come in and find space to "clean things up" with explanations and extrapolations. I know that probably sounds basic to a lot of you, but the idea of these comics as story generators as opposed to narrative wrap-ups hadn't really occurred to me in that way -- I saw the "find out what happens in Event: Aftermath" or whatever as a throw-in rather than as a potentially primary and certainly inevitable result.

* this piece by Brian Hibbs is pretty wonky from the sales end: how a line-wide promotion like the upcoming DC thing with its villain characters plays into the week-to-week and the growing-in-significance, less-frequently-visiting comics fans' purchasing habits. He uses as a jumping-off point that many of his customers aren't plugged into the comics news cycle and have as their primary/sole interaction with what's out there what they see when they go to the store, whenever that is.

* the writer Mark Waid unpacks a recent statement on mainstream publisher contracts, specifically DC Comics'.

* finally, I hope this turns into a successful publishing project because that is a lovely origin story.
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