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July 29, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Gil Roth goes on a Comics Buying Odyssey, 2011 version. "I figured that six months of Kirby's career showed more creativity and vitality than all of the 52 'creative' teams and titles previewed in the comics. At home that evening, I flipped through the preview and revised my opinion: two months."

* I've been bemoaning the fact that there's been so little discussion of the "feature article"-style panels from the recent Comic-Con International, although it looks like The Comics Journal made some efforts in that direction, such as this Art Of The Graphic Novel panel taping.

* missed it: Marc Toberoff in Marc Toberoff's words. Also missed it: Marvel movie point man Kevin Feige in the NY Times' words.

* so this is what Bill Watterson's letterhead looked like at one time.

* Laura Hudson talks out loud in Dan DiDio's direction about the lack of female creators at the new DC Comics. Two things of note. First, she runs the full quote of DiDio's from when he challenged the audience member that brought the issue up at a Comic-Con panel. I'm not sure I thought this possible, but the full response somehow manages to be more ludicrous that its panel-report description. Second, I think the issue here should be fairly obvious and I hope people won't over-think it. DC is entering a publishing phase that depends on them having a lot of talent to put on all these new books. They're clearly not developing, or perhaps outright ignoring, major pools of talent. Why on earth wouldn't DC want to be aggressive in developing talent? Why would they prefer to be defensive about it? There's a huge opportunity for a company with DC's reach and resources to nurture a lot of talented people in a way that directly benefits DC. I always suggest a variation of the NFL's Rooney Rule, whereby every job and every assignment at a company fosters an interview or a pitch with a representative of whatever under-served group is identified at the program's outset, but hell: name your program. It's better than what's in place now. And all any of this costs is maybe not winning every argument with every fan.

* not comics: MSN Money suggests that those great deals at Borders during their liquidation aren't really deals at all. That Borders for whatever can't even compete price-wise during a liquidation sale is sort of a brilliant last statement from that company.

* head over to Facebook for the painting of Dick Tracy by artist Tony Fitzpatrick, stay for the story of 8-year-old Fitzpatrick ringing the doorbell at Chester Gould's house.

* finally, Newsarama grabs an interview with new Marvel digital czar Peter Philips while he still has that new hire smell.
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