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July 18, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's the last day for Todd Allen's Economics Of Digital Comics crowd-funder, if you want a copy of that book.

image* Marykate Jasper on Shackleton. Todd Klein on The Complete Peanuts 1991-1992 and Doc Savage #1. Tim Palmer on Street Angel #2. Tom Bondurant on Grayson. Yeah, I don't get that one, either, really. Tom is more positive about its possibilities than I would be in a formal review. Rob Clough on School Spirits. Alex Dueben on Macanudo Vol. 1. Rob Clough on The Shadow Hero. Sean Gaffney on My Love Story!! Vol. 1. John Kane on a bunch of different comics.

* not comics: no great loss.

* Roger Langridge draws Popeye for a cancer charity. Langridge is the best.

* one thing I have yet to do is to look at my peers' various Instagram accounts. Here's CBR's.

* love for Moomin.

* Albert Ching talks to Axel Alonso. That interview was from last week, but I wanted to link to it at this late date for Alonso's public vote of confidence for Rick Remender a significant freelancer at Marvel that received a passionate if hard-to-parse scolding and subsequent calls for termination of employment from a group of folks on the Internet. Graeme McMillan talks to Joshua Hale Fialkov. Matt D. Wilson talks to Jen Van Meter. Patrick Reed pays tribute to the great Murphy Anderson. Janelle Asselin talks to Meags Fitzgerald.

* finally, I missed that Zainab Akhtar was leaving her job in comics retail to pursue more opportunities in writing. I wish her the best.
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