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August 29, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* although I'm not certain why this hasn't occurred to me before, you know, the way the Kindle works does seem pretty perfect as a way to do New Comics Day on-line.

image* there needs to be more people doing interviews with Chester Brown. He feels under-interviewed to me in a way most cartoonists do not.

* I'm having a hard time seeing Apple taking a pass on a slightly bawdy comic as part of its offerings for some service as censorship, or, really, much of a story.

* in a letter to The Beat, Wowio client T Campbell notes that one of the reasons he would like to see his 2Q earnings is that his 3Q earnings have fallen 97 percent under the new ownership plan.

* I visited the Art Institute of Chicago yesterday: they have a couple of Crumbs up, a huge Jim Nutt painting in I guess the modern art section, a Lyonel Feininger to look at if you can't get a good place to stand and gaze upon their famous Suerat, and a small, under-glass thing on the Hairy Who in the library. Me, I was there for some alone time with the Winslow Homers.

* also, Chicago Comics' Eric Kirsammer says they're still selling a couple of Watchmen every day.

* did I ever post a link to this lecture by Rian Hughes? I think I did, but maybe I didn't.

* two papers in Texas have apparently shrunk their comics pages from two pages to one. I can see a lot of this happening over the next year.

* the writer Steven Grant has been on a really nice run recently, and I enjoyed this piece on Steve Ditko. I would suggest, however, that Dan Nadel's Art of Time provides us with the names of any number of artists that were using the comic book medium for personal expression in the way I think Grant means it long before Steve Ditko was doing so. By the way -- Sean T. Collins noted to me in conversation that Art Out of Time has led to something like a half-dozen books or future book projects, which will likely add to its reputation over the years as an important book.
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