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September 30, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I'm saving this new Tommi Musturi interview for a quarter-hour of uninterrupted office time. It looks really good.

* Peggy Burns lauds Highwater Books for the late comic company's sensitivity. Over on his blog, the writer Kurt Busiek talks about encountering that publisher's landmark Coober Skeber #2, and even posts the pencils to Seth's cover.

image* missed it: a profile of some of the best female cartoonists working right now. The nice thing about an article such as that one is that it's a good thing if you object, because that means there are more cartoonists than can easily fit on such a list. There's a part two coming up, but I barely found the part one and will probably miss it.

* Tucker Stone addresses the comics industry journalism question.

* Daryl Cagle's advice for cartoonists.

* you can read some Melissa Mendes comics through this post.

* I checked to see if Guy Delisle was going to comment, even just casually, on the naming of a North Korean leadership successor. He did.

* I do a round-up every morning of things to go look at, so I know how hard it is to put together as impressive and cool-looking list of art links as Mike Baehr does here, concentrating solely on Fantagraphics-related talent.

* I wish I had come up with the phrase "an excess of narrative concision."

* everything's coming up Vanessa Davis.

* Chris Sims picks the 10 oddest Jimmy Olsen moments. The great thing about this subject is that you could randomly plug in one of about 100 different comics and come up with a great list every time. Quality and quantity; that's our man Jim O.

* not comics: I hope this is performance art, because it's hard for me to imagine I share a planet with this big of an entitled douchebag. My goodness.

* finally, this headline cracks me up, but I can't imagine it's true. My eyeballs and anecdotal evidence actually suggests I am in the upper five percent of older people at comics shows, even in the comics-reading parts of that show, and I've got a few years to reach 65. Also, if this were true I'm pretty sure there would be an NCIS comic by now.
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