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October 3, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I never did do anything about that legal brief filed in comics form. I guess that's pretty neat. I once turned in a term paper in the form of a play. I got a C+.

image* Phoebe Chambre profiles Austin English. Kiel Phegley talks to Tom Brennan -- that one's pretty interesting in that Brennan spearheads the current Marvel Comics all-ages efforts. Julie Davis talks to Gabrielle Gamboa; it's nice to see her profiled. Rusty and Joe talk to Beth Scorzato. Laura Pearson talks to John Porcellino. Kieron Gillen talks to Si Spurrier at the increasingly intriguing Decompressed series.

* go, look: Stuart Immonen, hanging around Paris.

* most of Ryan Holmberg's work at has been pretty great; here's one covering some of the same material from his well-received SPX presentation on a seminal Tezuka work.

* composition for dummies.

* Warren Ellis looks at writer/artist Jonathan Hickman's use of infographics in the series Pax Romana. One nice thing about Ellis' piece is that he's just as delighted -- maybe more so -- by flourishes from Hickman that do very little to advance or enhance narrative.

* I hadn't thought to go look for her work before -- at least not with serious intent -- but a random Facebook posting by Michael Dowers about Triangle-Slash led me to her massive web site under her current working artist name, Madame Talbot.

* hooray for Marie Severin!

* finally, this made me laugh.
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