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November 16, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this mention on Twitter means it's time to say congratulations to Darwyn and Marsha. I'm very happy for them. I think they're a great couple. I wish them a wonderful weekend, the best possible continued life together and all the happiness they can stand.

image* Daniel Thomas MacInnes on Waga's Big Scare. Rob Clough on Lust. Jason Thompson on Tomie. Rob McMonigal on So, This Is What It's Come To...

* today's article not about comics from which lessons about comics can be derived is this piece from David Denby about the state of movies, with a special focus on the superhero movies. I think the piece is overlong, and I think the main thrust of it is kind of weak, but there are a lot of nuggets in there worth considering. (thanks, Gil Roth)

* Bob Temuka sings the praises of Thanos.

* not comics: hey, it's the music version of what everyone dreams their comics collection site will look like.

* Jono talks to Jesse Lonergan. David Betancourt talks to Scott Snyder. Snyder strikes me as very nice and he's certainly killing it with mainstream comics fans -- I think his emergence is one of the key things that DC's accomplished in a long-term sense with their New 52 comics. That said, I can't imagine anything on earth I personally find less interesting than an even more creepy, hyper-violent version of the Joker. I was also a bit confused as to how Batman could have a "family" of heroes around him 14 months into their recent reboot, but I guess they just sort of ignored a lot of the reboot stuff in the Batman books or something.

* finally, this report on BCGF from Leon Avelino is both a sock in the gut and quite touching.
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