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November 25, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* today, the previously mysterious Seth takes on editors and editing.

image* introducing Gustavo Duarte.

* I don't link a whole lot to Hooded Utilitarian, mostly because I frequently have no idea what Noah Berlatsky is getting at. A couple of weeks ago, Berlatsky responded to a post of Jeet Heer's that asserted Gary Groth's work in the Comics Journal was the magazine's best work because of reasons X and Y (best questions, most research) by ignoring X and Y, inventing his own Z (Gary's boomer indulgences) and then attacking the crap out of that Z. This week Berlatsky is answering Chris Butcher's article about retailers claiming there's a lack of children's comics by swearing that little boys love superhero comics. A debatable issue, maybe even an interesting one, but one that seems to me totally beside any point Butcher is making. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm genuinely confused.

* people are apparently upset about some Love Is... parody Zits characters. I have to admit, that doesn't sound like something I'd particularly enjoy seeing at breakfast, either.

* the writer Kurt Busiek would like everyone to know there are 10 years or more of Posy Simmonds comics out there waiting for someone to publish over here. Busiek has 63 Eisners! Somebody make this happen!

* that's a sweet-looking double-page Swamp Thing spread. That series had nice looking covers, too.

* finally, sales at Borders and Barnes & Noble continue to fall.
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