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December 4, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I totally missed this one. Apparently, Congolese authorities have appropriated a nearly two-decade old comics museum to turn it into a hospital. That's like one of those stories where every noun is interesting.

image* another bit of French-language industry news: I guess Lire named Joann Sfar's adaptation of Antoine de Saint Exupery's Le Petit Prince as its #1 comic of the year. That's a project I've only read a tiny bit about but I guess is semi-controversial in some way, perhaps for the nature of the adaptation or maybe the clash of a strong tradition for comics colliding with a particularly formidable example of a visually lively -- yet still not a comic -- young persons' book. Anyway, I think it's that honor that led to this Pascal Ory interview with Sfar that's probably worth translating via computer or stumbling through if you have a little schoolboy French. It seems pretty funny and smart to me for this kind of thing: "J'adore la France pour son regard irresponsable sur la politique mondiale."

* the cartoonist Elijah Brubaker has his Reich series available for sale here, and could apparently use your patronage.

* I have no idea where this Tom Kaczynski cartoon came from or what it's doing there, but I like it. I don't remember where I first got this link, either, but animated Dave Cooper? Sign me up.

* here's a list of demands for the emergence of digital alternatives to print comics reading. I have a much shorter list of demands: Yesterday.

* not comics: do you ever see actor or celebrities on TV that you would have sworn died years ago and find out they've been around the whole time? I did that once with Julia Child, and I've just done it again with John Heard. How could I not notice John Heard was alive? He's like in 14 things a year. And I'm pretty good with character actors. One of a very few episodes of Lost I've seen Matthew Fox's character's father showed up and I knew it was Hawk the Slayer. You know? But I really thought Heard was dead. I guess every time I saw him I just assumed it was in a rerun or an actor that looked like him. Or I've just pierced the masquerade that is our shared, perceived reality. I'm hoping it's the former.

image* I don't agree with this analysis of Saul Steinberg's cartoons, but I appreciate its contrariness and challenge to conventional wisdom.

* here's an analysis of Marvel's Spider-Man back-to-being-single revamp one year in. Acknowledging the sales bump the group of titles has enjoyed, the author seems to be making the point that the most severe change wasn't necessary to facilitate the vast majority of this latest round of stories, and the memory of that status quo has become one of those eventual plot outcomes that the act of putting it off to the side haunts a series rather than liberates it. That sequence on the subway is cute.

* I completely missed this nice catch-up with Bill Leak, the well-liked Australian editorial cartoonist who suffered a sudden and what could have been tragic head injury a while back, but has since recovered.

* a couple of art-comics interviews worth your time. Here's a Pulse interview with the remarkable Kevin Huizenga. Any interview with Huizenga is a must-read, and this one has the added bonus of showing up in an odd place with its own very identifiable interviewing idiosyncrasies. It's sort of like Steven Millhauser popping up on a random episode of The Wayne Brady Show. Second, here's an interview with two-thirds of the Comics Comics team, Tim Hodler and Frank Santoro, both of whom I like very much and both of whose opinions on comics I value very highly. The sound on my computer isn't working, but I believe this may be the actual video footage of Hodler and Santoro being interviewed.

* finally, did I forget to make fun of this title? That's like a parody of a funnybook title.
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