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December 30, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* two really big news stories hit yesterday: Dilbert ends up at Universal; Danish cartoons terrorist plot foiled.

* Marvel goes day and date, digital/print with its next Spider-Man event. That's big news from a milestone standpoint, and I expect it to be hashed out by a lot of commentators. Me, I'm not sure what else I'd have to add that wouldn't be hot air. I mean, "there it is!" You know? I'm more confused as to why all the big comics announcements in the taint of the calendar year. The only thing I haven't seen reported yet -- I'm on the road -- is whether or not retailers were given advance word so that they could order accordingly.

image* more Gabrielle Bell on her long, long winning streak with "White Out" at Lucky.

* today's unearthed, unused bookmark is a link to the marketing-related articles of Mat Nastos. Hopefully, this will encourage me -- and you -- to delve into them a bit. Also, a beard-off between Alan Moore and James Randi speaking at the same event.

* Anne Ishii talks about Billy Bat.

* here a few interviews up that I read and enjoyed: Joyce Farmer at CBR, Eric Reynolds at, Mark Waid at Comics Alliance. I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to reading this back-and-forth between smart guys Steve Bissette and Dave Sim.

* not comics: I didn't know that there was a film version of the Lorenzo Mattotti-illustrated graphic novel Stigmata.

* Daryl Cagle remembers 2010 just like our ancestors did: with an Internet slide show.

* comics critics pick the best manga of 2010. Graeme McMillan picks his guilty pleasure of the year.

* Jeet Heer talks up David Collier, one of the under-appreciated cartoonists of the last quarter century. He's also one of its bigger, more endearing, oddball personalities.

* oh boy, this looks like it could be good. Also maybe if it hits a certain way people will be less shy about claiming Edward Gorey for comics.

* not comics: Denis Dutton, RIP.

* I have dim memories of getting intoxicated and yelling at people on Twitter yesterday, but the only evidence I had upon waking up was a lone bookmark directed to this cartoon.

* finally, Comics Alliance joins Douglas Wolk in endorsing Duncan The Wonder Dog Vol. 1 as the book of the year. I'm glad for a young talent working in ambitious fashion getting that recognition, especially as I thought the comics reportage hive mind at SPX when it debuted were super-parsimonious in covering its launch. I mean, I'm sorry, but SPX was made for a giant book from a new talent appearing out of nowhere and I think should remain so today; I didn't even go and I know that Duncan was the real book of that show. Number one book of the year is a different ballgame, though, and as I have to yet to make out my personal line-up card I'll be quiet for now.
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