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July 22, 2017

News & Notes From The San Diego Convention Floor



Here are some thoughts and links as to things I've seen or discussed on the convention floor and in the barrooms of Comic-Con International.

* you know what there are fewer of than ever before? Security guards walking the floor making you stop talking in the aisles or whatever. I've been doing a lot of talking, but I haven't been upbraided yet. I'll take that a step further to say that I haven't seen a security person in the actual hall. I'm not sure why that is.

* a number of exhibitors to whom I spoke felt Wednesday through Friday were slow, although not debilitatingly so. A few merchandise exhibitors told me that a lot of not right-now current franchises did really well and maybe some of the top licenses of the moment performed slightly behind of expectation. That would indicate the show overall is reaching a lot of core geeks with very specific likes and dislikes.

* one surprising announcement of the day that's all-comics is we finally get the shape and scope of what Ed Piskor has been slyly working on over the last couple of years. It's a one-story history of the X-Men, and will come out over three Christmas shopping seasons. That stuff looks like a lot of fun, what I've seen, and should tap into a nice combination of the nostalgic and new-voice avenues for that beleaguered property. Great reward-gig for Piskor, if you think about artistic opportunities that way.

* I did some shopping today. I never do that at San Diego. I was reminded why. There's so much stuff at San Diego, but it can be a pretty rough experience finding things for people for which they made a specific request. With Preview Night and the exclusives driving it, it feels like you're surrounded by plenty but still starving for what uniquely satisfies: a magnification rather than a break away from typical shopping norms.

* I followed Dave Gibbons around as a mid-day panel strategy. His spotlight was a lot of fun: he has a book on craft and an autobiography coming out. He hinted that the autobiography may be the stage he's been waiting for to make a full explanation as to how he feels about all of the various Watchmen things over the year. He told a charming story about the kindness Frank Hampson showed him as an artist on Dan Dare that he extends to Before Watchmen creators.

* Gibbons was part of the Berger Books panel, fairly well-attended for a line that hasn't launched yet. The Ann Nocenti/David Aja collaboration seems the clear leader in terms of general interest. The other books struck me as solid but perhaps there will be difficulty in most of the books find a market toehold...? It's tough out there.

* most of the Berger Books stuff announced seemed to be limited series with a chance to go further if sales and creative interest demanded it. This was noteworthy because of a rumor that Dark Horse was about to kill all of its periodical offerings. Haven't seen anything back that up, though, and it would be a weird thing to do.

* three different artists told me one thing they enjoyed about San Diego this year was the forced sabbatical from constant media monitoring of the Trump presidency.


photos and additional reporting by Whit Spurgeon and Chris Hatfield



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