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December 22, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Village Voice chimes in with a best-of list during best-of season.

image* Matt Emery talks to Karl Wills. Brent Cox talks to Sean Howe.

* Fantagraphics put out giant volumes by Walt Kelly, Basil Wolverton and Ernie Bushmiller all on the same day. I know people are tired of hearing other people like me say this, but comics is super-ridiculous right now.

* Patrick Hembrecht on Sad Sex. Douglas Wolk on a bunch of different comics.

* I'm with Warnock: that's one gorgeous-looking mini-comic cover.

* finally, I missed the second round of Free Comic Book Day funnybook announcements, and I'm a couple hundred miles from a retailer, but one of them is apparently from Gilbert Hernandez.
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