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July 1, 2008

Regarding Yesterday's Wail of Despair

imageOkay, I'm better now. The reason I tend not to post things like yesterday's agonized diatribe about link-blogging -- I define link-blogging as those posts that require the content of another article to make sense -- is that I usually feel differently about such issues after I do something sane like eat a deviled ham sandwich, drink a glass of Diet 7-Up, watch 20 minutes of The Price Is Right and take a nap. Monday's mini-depression was compounded by it being my first formal day back at my home desk in several weeks.

Many of you seem to enjoy the links. Many of you wouldn't mind seeing them go if this made me feel better. Only one of you shook a fist at me and declared that this was just proof that Dirk Deppey ruled the link-blogging world and now that I had blinked I must quit blogging altogether. All of you are very nice, except maybe that Dirk fan. My decision is that the site will continue much as before, and I will be smarter about how I put it together so as not to even temporarily freak out like that again.
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