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Collective Memory: Book Expo America (BEA) 2008
posted June 8, 2008


Links to comics-related stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2008 Book Expo America, held on May 29-June 1, 2008 in Los Angeles.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people

***** Manga
New Manga Books, Highlights
Costco, Airports, PX
Hooking Younger, Older Readers
What's Hot, What's Not In Manga

BEA 00
BEA 01
BEA 02
BEA 03
Graphic Novels A Bright Spot
First Ever BEA GN Breakfast

Miscellaneous Coverage
Cecil Castellucci
Exhibit A Press Photo Array
Ian Brill
Matt Maxwell Photo of Webcomics
Publishers Weekly
Tokyopop PR

The Beat
Report From Show 01
Report From Show 02
Report From Show 03
Report From Show 04



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