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Collective Memory: Comic-Con International In San Diego California, 2009 40th Anniversary Edition!
posted August 2, 2009


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning Comic-Con International, held July 23-26 with a July 22 Preview Night at the convention center in San Diego, California.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


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Jamie Coville's MP3 Files
PC Mag After Hours


Anne Ishii
Anything's Possible

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Christopher Moonlight
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Kelson Vibber At K-Squared Ramblings
Kelson Vibber at Speed Force
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Mark Evanier On Comics At Comic-Con
Matt Maxwell 01
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Ming Doyle

Nerd World
notengomiedo clay

Occasional Superheroine

Patrick Rothfuss
Peter David

Randy Reynaldo
Richard Thompson

Sammi Scribbles
Sarah Jaffe On Sex and Violence at CCI
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The Daily Cross Hatch
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Tony Lee
Topless Robot
Tracing New Lines

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Whitney Matheson On Her Meet-Up

Wizard On Kevin Smith Panel

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Miyazaki Broke Boycott To Visit US
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The Five Faces Of Comic-Con
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What Not To Do At CCI
Why You Should Go To CCI

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Marv Wolfman On San Diego TV
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