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February 25, 2014

Rob Salkowitz Conventions Thinkpiece: $600M In Yearly Ticket Sales

The latest of writer and consultant Rob Salkowitz's columns at the hobby business news and analysis site offers up a $600 million figure for tickets sold to fan onventions and shows, based on industry research he's seen. That's a remarkable figure. Salkowitz notes the rise of regional shows and some of the overall pressure involved with running an executing several shows right now, citing various controversies that just sound like the natural outcome of there being more at stake now. He doesn't get too far this time into the implications of a potentially crowded calendar beyond those natural cracks in the firmament.

Another figure Salkowitz provides that jumps out at me is the 50K attendance number for the recent show in India; Salkowitz is right in that shows outside of North America are of growing importance to comics-makers in the US and Canada, for any number of reasons including just the desire of people to leverage their professional role within comics into travel.
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