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November 8, 2014

CAB Weekend Publishing News: Ryan Sands Unveils Youth In Decline's 2015


Ryan Sands of the increasingly vital publisher Youth In Decline sent along his plans for a loaded 2015 in conjunction with today's Expo portion of the 2014 Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival.

He started by noting that in 2013 the publisher launched with two issues of what he terms the "monograph series" Frontier. In 2014 that lead to four issues of publication. In 2015, another four issues will be published. The featured artists will be Jillian Tamaki, Anna Deflorian, Becca Tobin and Michael DeForge. Covers above.

The line also has three books planned. Covers below. One is the previously-announced complete collection of the erotic comics anthology Thickness, which is a project that preceded the formation of Youth In Decline and something Sands did in partnership with the cartoonist Michael DeForge. The two new-material works are Dream Tube, coming from Rebekka Dunlap and RAV 2ND COLLECTION by Mickey Zacchilli, whose first work under that name was one of this year's SPX books of the show.

Sands also informed CR that they'd be re-doing their Frontier subscription offer that they ran in 2014. They'll be doing that December 1 and running it through February 14, 2015. That's where for a flat price, a reader can get all four issues sent along with a bunch of extra, subscriber-only goodies such as hand-pressed items and discounts for other Youth In Decline offerings. You can bookmark their web site for that, or follow their twitter account, and I'll try to remember to remind you here.

Other notes:

* the 32-page comic in Frontier #7 will be Jillian Tamaki's longest single-story to date, and is to be called SexCoven. They will debut that work at MoCCA in April and offer a print set.

* Anna Deflorian's Frontier #8 will be that series first female creator outside of North America. She lives and works in Italy and authored Roghi for Canicola. This will mark her first North American publication. That one comes out at TCAF in May.

* Scotland's Becca Tobin will be doing a series of stories for Frontier #9, to debut at SPX.

* a 32-page horror comic from Michael DeForge -- a "spiritual sequel" to DeForge's earlier comics "College Girl By Night" and "By Night" -- will make up the bulk of Frontier #10, planned for a debut at CAB 2015.

* as for the books, Sands notes that Dream Tube will be Rebekka Dunlap's first collection, and is planned for an SPX debut. The RAV book will collect issues #7-10 and feature some of the same design flourishes that made the first collection noteworthy -- that one should be out for CAB. When it finally appears, Thickness will be 250 pages including 50 pages of new comics. The collection will also include the pin-up posters from the original series. That one is set for earlier in the year, at TCAF.

Sands also noted that he hopes to have a few informally planned things out throughout the year: a t-shirt, a patch, maybe even a 'zine or two. He has started to work on a third issue of Electric Ant Zine, but no promises.

(Mr. Sands will be attending today's CAB show, and I imagine he'll be happy to take any questions on 2015 or the years preceding)

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