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February 12, 2008

Stephane Peru, 1981-2008


Stephane Peru, a French artist and colorist for the publishers Soleil, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, passed away on Monday afternoon of an apparent heart attack. He lived in Montpellier. He was 26 years old.

Peru began in comics by doing odd jobs for the publisher Semic. A self-taught artist, he began a creative partnership with his brother Olivier. They did Shaman for Nuclea, then went back to Soleil where they started the series Zak Blackhole. They also worked on the sixth book in the series Kookaburra Universe: La serment dakoid. Their most recent collaborative work was Guerres Paralleles (Parallel War).

Peru began work in America after meeting the artist Yanick Paquette at a workshop in Montreal. His coloring credits in American comics include 52, All Flash, books in the various Annihilation series, Avengers: The Initiative, the re-worked Hulk title Incredible Hercules, Teen Titans: Year One, and Ultimate X-Men. He had scored an exclusive working arrangement with Marvel that allowed him to continue to work in Europe. He and his brother had recently colored the album La Loi des 12 tables under the shared (and open) pseudonym Perubros.

Soleil's Jean Wacquet communicated the news to, Newsarama and other news sources on Monday, describing the passing as a tragedy. Most reaction from professionals with whom Peru had worked who wrote for public consumption upon his passing cited the young artist's precocity and general enthusiasm for comics. His future plans included a novel and many more comics for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.

(above) a panel from Ultimate X-Men colored by Peru
(below) a page from the Shaman series

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