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April 2, 2014

Tüki Relaunches At Boneville.Com; Key Part Of A Greater Cartoon Books On-Line Presence Overhaul


The entire first chapter of Jeff Smith's on-line comic Tüki is up now at the site. You can jump to the end here, or start -- perhaps re-start -- from the beginning here. Smith's third major self-published comic is undergoing a soft re-launch following an initial debut where readers of webcomics found initial design choices old-fashioned and difficult to parse. Smith's web presence more generally has also been redesigned. I can't even imagine the stress of doing a redesign after a comic has been launched, and I think it's to Cartoon Books' presence they did what they needed to do in order to have the interface they want and their readers desire. I hope everything clicks.

Tüki is Smith's story about the first human leaving Africa, and is being told in series of oversized, panoramic images reminiscent of classic newspaper adventure strips. Because of Smith's place in the development of the graphic novel with Bone, we sometimes forget he's a creature of comic strips as much as any other influence. It's fun to see him scratch that itch, and it's great that we get a third major Smith effort -- the comics field rarely allows even the most successful cartoonists multiple self-directed endeavors like that.

They're also serializing Bone on-line, and RASL, which I find intriguing in that I have no idea who this might reach. Anyway, it's hard to imagine that at least a few moments today couldn't be spent enjoying what Cartoon Books has done over there, and the new comics Jeff has made. You can even leave a comment.
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