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January 9, 2012

The 2011-2012 CR Holiday Interview Series Concludes


My deepest thanks to all the interview subjects in this year's CR Holiday Interview Series, and to each and every one of you that took some time to read one or more of them. A special thanks to those that put the word out on a favorite interview. If anyone out there wanted to tweet, post on Facebook or their blog, or otherwise link to this summary post, I'd also greatly appreciate that.

This series should return in December, and I will also endeavor to be better about posting regular Sunday interviews on the site in 2012.

Third Week
* Colleen Coover
* Stephen Bissette
* Rina Piccolo
* Jeff Smith
* Laura Hudson
* Zak Sally
* Chester Brown

Second Week
* Jeff Parker
* Kim Thompson
* Barry Matthews and Leon Avelino
* Charles Brownstein and Larry Marder
* Chris Mautner
* Todd DePastino

First Week
* Art Spiegelman
* Tom Neely, Emily Nilsson and Virginia Paine
* Peter Birkemoe
* Tucker Stone
* Ethan Rilly
* Steve Duin
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