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June 29, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it looks like Salt Lake City may have countersued Comic-Con International over the name thing. At the very least, it looks like it will be taken out of settlement discussions and into a judge's hands, if we're not already there. Clearly shows like Salt Lake City are aping Comic-Con's model and the shine they've given that term in recent years; I don't think people hear someone use the word Comic-Con and make firm distinctions between multiple shows. It's such a generic word, though, with usage that runs parallel to San Diego in any number of places, that I'm not sure it's actionable. I guess that's what we're finding out. I also wonder if some of the claims that are presented in these articles as accepted wisdom have been properly vetted.

* Hope Larson talked about her move to North Carolina in advance of an event this week, which I totally missed until writing this last night. Hope's always been one of the most straight-forward people I've encountered when it comes to figuring out how to fashion a career that is focused on making comics.

* it used to be that July 4 was one of those weekends like Thanksgiving that people targeted for events because it was guaranteed a lot of people would be looking for stuff to do. Now it seems that for the most part we stay away and find weekends to settle into that aren't connected to a holiday. I want to say that the Chicago show was traditionally this weekend for a time in the 1980s and 1990s, and Wikipedia confirms. It's hard to imagine making a comics show a part of a holiday weekend in this era of immersible shows, but Dragon Con seems to do this just fine with Labor Day.

* oh hey, here's one: the Denver show is this weekend and that's been one of the super-growth shows of the last half-decade -- much like Salt Lake City has been. Huge guest list; lots of comics-makers. The local media story for that show and a lot of shows is increased security.

* finally, it's an exciting weekend at my house because I remembered to buy handkerchiefs for use mopping up sweat stumbling around SDCC. Small victories when you got older, folks.
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