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March 24, 2014

This Makes Me Happy: Caitlin McGurk And Richard Thompson At The Billy Ireland Opening Friday

Caitlin McGurk sent along a few snapshots of herself and the cartoonist Richard Thompson getting to check out the show she curated of his work that opened with Jenny Robb's Bill Watterson exhibit last Friday at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum.

It's so great that Richard got to attend, and I think it's fantastic that they've done an exhibit of his work. A lot of Thompson's work in caricature, illustration and cartooning took place a bit off the beaten path. There's a lot left to be seen and admired. This should serve as a great start. The complete Cul De Sac collection comes out this year, and it's hard to imagine a lot of other 2014 books that will be more important to have and almost impossible to conceive of any that will be more fun to read.

The Watterson and Thompson shows run through the summer, and will be joined in May by the traveling Dan Clowes Modern Cartoonist exhibit, which will hold court about 75 yards away at the Wexner Center. I hope everyone will make some sort of attempt to get to Columbus that can, perhaps as part of SPACE weekend or on the way to HeroesCon or driving back from CAKE.


I'm grateful that Richard had such a good time. What a good man, and what a fine cartoonist.
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