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May 18, 2007

Update on Tom Artis Family Fund

I just spoke to Gale Krueger at Marine Bank in Springfield, Illinois, just to double check and see that donations to the Tom TC Artis Family Fund were getting to the fund. She says that they've been receiving about 10 envelopes a day for the last week, from all over the country, and that these have all gone straight into the fund. So that's good news.

If you've contributed something or plan on it, thank you. It sounds like the family is going to be able to use it. Also thank you to people like Colleen Doran, Dan Vado, Evan Dorkin and Lea Hernandez, who are among dozens rallying support for the family through their respective web presences.

The cartoonist Tom Artis passed away on May 1 at age 51. The long period of illness leading up to his passing and other unfortunate and untimely circumstances combined to leave his family in a state of financial need. Friends set up a fund at the local Marine Bank. Anyone wishing to make a donation -- and I have to imagine every dollar helps -- can write a check or fill out a money order to "The Tom TC Artis and Family Memorial Fund" and send it to Marine Bank, Attn: Gale Krueger, 1401 North Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62702.
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