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August 25, 2011

Washington Post: Syrian Forces Broke Ali Ferzat's Hands

There's a picture here, and it upset the hell out of me, so fair warning. This apparently happened early this morning when he was picked up and then later dumped to be found by passers-by. A publisher and a gallery owner in addition to being one of the most renowned cartoonists in his region of the world, Ferzat has been fighting against the limits of Syrian free speech and expression for decades, and has been actively cartooning and speaking against the government crackdown against protesters since March of this year.

According to that report, this was done specifically because he drew something "against his masters." He's a 60-year-old man.

There's a Facebook page here in support of the cartoonist by making support into an event; there's a regular Facebook page here.

I hope there's something more to the story, as everything about the story right now is pretty much horrible, and will report any developments to the story or the cartoonist on the site.

Update: We're starting to see a second wave of analysis and update-type stories hit the Internet. The one slightly good thing so far is that in pictures like the one here, I can't tell if Ferzat's hands are actually broken -- there's enough swelling for it, yet one imagines they would be wrapped differently -- or if they're just beat to shit.
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