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January 17, 2007

We Live In Strange, Wonderful Times


Harvey Comics Classics Vol. 1: Casper The Friendly Ghost, Dark Horse, softcover, 480 pages, 1593077815 (ISBN), June 2007, $19.95


Newsarama notes the latest entry in the "holy crap, everything ever released is going to be re-published by 2014" comic book movement.

Casper is a powerful concept, not for the strange ghost part, which has been beaten to death by stand-up comedians and The Simpsons, but because little kids can relate to wanting to be friends with people on the goofiest, instant-love, open-heart level and then being rejected for some fundamental reason they can't really grasp. I remember babysitting about 15 years ago for a couple of younger kids and watching some of the early animation and in the middle of it one of the kids standing up and holding his hands up like Jackie Mason and proclaiming to heaven, "Why, oh why can't somebody be his friend?"

I honestly have no idea what the classic comic book stuff is like, but I'm all for cheap reprints of any older comics, and hope this is done well.
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