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May 8, 2007

Xeric Announces Spring '07 Winners

imageThe Xeric Foundation released the names of its latest round of comic book project recipients earlier today: $27,235 for seven projects. Artists and projects are as follows, capitalization according to the press release.

* Ryan Alexander-Tanner (Television #1)
* Sam Gaskin (Pizza Wizard #1)
* Tyler Page (Nothing Better Vol. 1: No Place Like Home)
* Jeremy Smith (ROPEBURN)
* Steve MacIsaac (SHIRTLIFTER)
* Erik Evensen (Gods of Asgard)
* Kevin Colden (FISHTOWN)

The press release notes that Kevin Colden has declined the grant money and will continue to post his project (pictured above) in serial form on-line.

The next deadline is July 31.
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