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November 3, 2010

Your 2010 Gran Guinigi Winners


The 2010 version of Lucca's Comics & Games Festival -- a North American comics-friendly European convention that's been going on since 1966 -- wrapped up yesterday; Sunday saw the naming of their awards across all media in which they're interested. The comics awards included a win for the Italian versions of Kick-Ass and Pluto (what looks like a shared serial comics award), Little Annie Fanny (an "editorial initiative" award) and Darwyn Cooke (a best artist award for his first Parker book). Walter Chendi's La porta di Sion won the best long story award, which I'm guessing is the program's premier award. Although who knows? Jirô Taniguchi won an honor called the "Maestro del fumetto" and if he doesn't demand to be called "Maestro" from now on, I'll be very disappointed.

What follows is the list of winner in the comics category, and a rough stab at the award's English-language equivalent.


image* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per la miglior storia lunga [Best Long Story]
La porta di Sion di Walter Chendi, Edizioni BD, Milano 2010.

* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per la miglior storia breve [Best Short Story]
raccolta Il chiodo fisso di Arthur de Pins e altri, BM Edizioni, Roma 2010.

* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per il miglior fumetto seriale [Best Serialized Story]
ex aequo, a: Kick-Ass, di Mark Millar e John Romita Jr, fascicoli 1-8 raccolti in 2 volumi, Panini Comics, Modena 2010; Pluto, di Naoki Urasawa, 8 volumi, Panini, Modena 2009-2010.

* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per la migliore iniziativa editoriale "Stefano Beani" [Best Historical Reprint]
Little Annie Fanny, di Harvey Kurtzman e Will Elder, volume I (1962-1970), Magic Press, Roma 2010.

* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per il migliore autore unico [Best Cartoonist]
Manuele Fior per Cinquemila chilometri al secondo, Coconino Press -- Fandango, Bologna-Roma 2010.

* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per il miglior disegnatore [Best Artist]
Darwyn Cooke per Richard Stark's Parker -- Il Cacciatore, Edizioni BD, Milano 2009.

* Il premio Gran Guinigi 2010 per il miglior sceneggiatore [Best Writer]
Carlos Trillo L'eredità del colonnello, con i disegni di Lucas Varela, Coniglio Editore, Roma 2009.

* La Giuria dei Premi Gran Guinigi 2010 assegna il riconoscimento come Maestro del fumetto ["Master Of Comics" Recognition]
Jirô Taniguchi


In their post on the matter, Darwyn Cooke's publisher IDW notes that the cartoonist has won in multiple awards program for his Parker work. They also have a nice picture up of Cooke's prepared artistic thank you, and an idea of the cool-looking space where the awards were announced. As a mainstream-friendly show taken back inside city walls about five years ago and featuring all the food and atmosphere that implies, I don't know how there hasn't already been a major resurgence in the show from North American cartoonists and publishers, and barring outside economic realities coming to bear, I wouldn't be surprised if interest in that show increases exponentially the next few years.

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