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January 4, 2016

Your 2015 SPACE Prize Finalists


Bob Corby of the venerable indie-show SPACE has announced this year's round of finalists for its prizes. The launch page for that is here, with a ton of individual links to follow out.

My memory is that the SPACE prizes are done year to year by collecting work at the previous show for prize acknowledgment at the current year's show. That's why 2015 is acknowledged rather than 2016. SPACE is one of the big comics-in-Columbus events of any year, and its pedigree stretches back to the mid-1990s and the first flowering of such shows nationally.

Congratulations to the finalists and to all those that entered. SPACE is April 9-10, 2016.


Graphic Novel Category Finalists

* Amiculus: A Secret History Volume I, Travis HOrseman And Giancarlo Caracuzzo (Amiculus Books)
* Apama: The Undiscovered Animal, Ted Sikora And Millo Miller And Benito Gallego (Hero Tomorrow Comics)
* Askari Hodari: Guerrillas, Gunsmoke & Mirrors, Glenn Brewer
* Connections, Canada Keck (Editor)
* The Hues, Alex Heberling
* Spitball, Laurenn McCubbin And Alissa Sallah (CCAD)
* When the Heart Betrays the Blood, Mat Calvert (Calvert Comics)
* The Works, Robert Loss And Mike Laughead (CCAD)


General Category Finalists

* Bear Wonderland Vol. 1, Steve Steiner (Mullet Turtle Comics)
* Binary Gray #7-10, Christopher Charlton And Rowel Roque (Assailant Comics)
* Black of Heart #3-4, Christopher Charlton And David Hollenbach (Assailant Comics)
* Cosmo-Simian #1, Craig Bogart (Mystery City Comics)
* Goodbye, Weather, Eric Adams And Jeremy Morrow (Narrier)
* If the Shoe Fits, Emily Willis And Ann Uland (Arbitrary Muse)
* Miserable Americans #3, Evan Derian
* Ol' Crazy & 40 Oz of Death, Victor Dandridge And Bryan Moss (Vantage: Inhouse Productions)
* Open Tree #2: Linus & the Fluke of Love, Christopher Charlton And Lauren Sparks (Assailant Comics)
* Ragged Rider: Tales of the Cowboy Mummy #2, Andrew Meyerhoefer And Seth Kumpf (So How 'Bout Comics)
* The Revisionist: 10 Years Gone, Chad Lambert (Old School Comics)
* Whatzit #2, Gideon Kendall
* Woodstalk #4: Reason to Believe, Bruce Worden (Black Market Books)


Minicomics / Short Story Category Finalists

* Ant: Special S.P.A.C.E. Edition, Harrison Warden
* Bad Sex, Lauren McCallister
* Colonies, Victor Dandridge (Vantage: Inhouse Productions)
* The Cosmographer, Joe Kuth (Red Panda Comics)
* Cupid Seller, Ann Uland
* Doug Hates Ghostbusters, Max Bare And Melissa Sue Stanley
* Dutchy Digest #9, Steven Hager And Bruce Rosenberger
* Far Tune, Terry Eisele And Brent Bowman
* Lupa Cachula's Life: Showing Stamina, Dre Grigorpol
* Magic Clock, Pat Kain
* The Metatron, Ian Higginbotham
* Mrowr, Bruce Worden (Black Market Books)
* New Here, Clare Kolat
* Pegasus And Out Come The Krakens, Jack Gonzalez
* Presidents of the United Space, Chris Ludden
* The Secret Origin of the Dust Elves Book Two, Gordon Harris (Collide-A-Scope Comics)
* The Secret Origin of Brimy, Amy Canini And Brian Canini (Drunken Cat Comics)
* "Shrooms" from Wait... #2, Gideon Kendall
* Sour Milk #2, Max Bare
* To Boldly Go..., Shawn Feaking And Stu Rase (Prince Delight)
* Traitor Chapter One, Sean Dempsey (SMDempsey Comics)


Webcomics Category Finalists

*, Daniel J. Hogan
* Drunken Cat Comics, Derek Baxter And Brian Canini (Drunken Cat)
* Mixed Drink Wednesday, Derek Baxter And Brian Canini And Dave Grant (Drunken Cat Comics)
* Melancholly Evil Poptart, Kate E. Lore
* Mutant Elf, Steven Myers (1st Issue Comics)
* Wonder Care: After School, Justin Castaneda And Victor Dandridge (Vantage: Inhouse Productions)


You can find links for non-web efforts and more information generally through those category links.

The comics show is hosting an IndieGoGo campaign in service of the cash prizes involved. You can read more and perhaps qualify for levels of direct sponsorship here.

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