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January 3, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Anecdotal Evidence Suggests Positive Cartoonist Insurance Outcomes


This is of course only an informed guess on my part, but based on talking to a few dozen US comics people of various income levels it seems like the changes in health insurance law, options and availability to be had in 2014 were mostly a boon for comics folk. There certainly hasn't been the mass exodus from cartooning due to being required to have health insurance that some warned about. I also have yet to hear of any comics company throwing their hands up in the air and making everyone on staff apply for insurance on their own, which is something I was told would happen. I'd have to talk to a lot more people to be closer to 100 percent sure what's going on, including many more people who were making enough to afford insurance before 2014. I know that's where I hear complaints from my not-comics friends.

Speaking of which: I'm all for discussions of life issues like these as their own good. We have a national lack-of-dialogue about the practicalities of self-care and health insurance, one that is reflected in comics. It used to be not uncommon to see comics people avoiding potentially catastrophic treatment because of the perceived devastating cost to their bottom line. If we could just have less than that, I think we can move forward. It should be interesting to see how things develop, both the laws and the comics community's reaction to them.
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