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January 3, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: Julia Wertz Started Doing Comics Again


I'm not exactly sure when she stopped and when she started back -- I don't think there were hard dates in terms of how the site was used as much as a lengthy break in her own artistic practices -- but at some point this Fall it struck me that the cartoonist Julia Wertz was doing on-line comics pretty regularly again. She collected her Fart Party material into a collection called Museum Of Mistakes, so there were some re-runs to support that material (also appearances at SPX and CAB). The brand-new stuff struck me as being all over the place a bit in terms of tone and subject matter; they were even split between sketchbook comics and more standard inked work. I'll take whatever I can get; I think Wertz is funny, and I think she has a hard-won point of view that's developed from a perspective on that's very different than most people in comics, including the influence of her unique background. It's the kind of perspective that could make for a lifetime of coimcs if she wants, and I hope she will.
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