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January 1, 2015

50 Comics Positives For 2014: The Kirby Family Settlement


Rather than risk the chance that the Kirby Family's case against the publisher might be heard by the Supreme Court using a persuasive, re-configured legal strategy, the entertainment company and the family of the late superstar comic-maker announced a settlement in late September.

Many comics industry watchers were startled -- although events at the end indicated a potential positive outcome, the last legal decision had been very strongly in Marvel's favor.

Although we may never now the size of that settlement, all signs point to an amount that satisfied the Kirby Family and they were pretty forthright early on in the case's progression when it came to asking for a significant financial reward. We also now know that Marvel could make this move and not be sued by hoardes of its own stockholders or collapse into a mound of jelly. Hopefully this will be a key step in building a proper public legacy for Jack Kirby, one of the great creative forces of the 20th Century.
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