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January 1, 2013

50 Comics Positives In 2012: Walking Dead #100 Sold 80 Billion Copies


Okay, so they pulled every variant cover stunt known to man in order to drive extra interest to the anniversary issue of the popular series, but there's something more charming about a company and a project that does that once in a blue moon as opposed to a publisher that makes that routine. And there was undeniable interest in the comic book series as a publishing phenomenon and for the series itself that made it possible. I'm also never going to discount any group of folks that can put on the top of sales charts something as ruthlessly depressing as this individual comic book. I mean, holy crap. It's like if the last episode of MASH was two full hours of babies being smothered.

Walking Dead #100 may be most important as a sign of a resurgent Image Comics, a key publisher at its best when it fills the very specific role of providing an economic alternative to name-above-title mainstream comics creators for their original content. It's more fun for comics when they're in there fighting, and they have a noteworthy line-up right now, not the least of which are the series from writer Robert Kirkman.
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