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November 21, 2006

Aaron McGruder Speaks at USF: “I Got Sick of the Strip and Sick of Politics.”

Speaking at the University of South Florida, cartoonist and now animated show producer Aaron McGruder of The Boondocks let fly with one of the reasons he stopped doing the syndicated strip: he was sick of the strip and sick of the relentless nature of politics and unchanging nature of the political landscape, such as the idea, endlessly repeated, that President Bush was, you know, stupid. He also mentioned that the cartoon version allows his work to better find its target audience and that if the strip does return, it will be on-line.

McGruder did not return to his once 300-client strip following a six-month hiatus that ended earlier this Fall. Leaving is a decision I admire, and although he maybe could have worked with his syndicate more closely to perhaps give them a better shot at retaining those papers, in the end no cartoonist should be asked to artificially extend themselves past their point of interest and contractual obligations. It's not like I have the same job I got just out of school.
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