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June 28, 2006

Advertiser Apologizes For Cartoon


In an eyebrow-raising "I don't recall seeing that before" moment, a Mercedes dealership in Atlanta has apologized for an editorial cartoon run in the newspaper where they advertise, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The dealership ran a full-page ad to carry the message.

It occurred to me recently that a big reason editorial cartoons seems to be in such a period of acrimonious decline -- as opposed to the regular decline of the comics-page strip -- is that the reduction of staff positions has actually increased the pressure on editors to, well, act like editors. When you have a staff cartoonist with a regular place in your paper, they take care of a lot of that for you. When you don't have a staff cartoonist, someone has to select the cartoon that runs and then someone also probably has to choose where that cartoon runs. I'm reminded of this only because the distate that greeted the Luckovich seems to have had a lot to do with how the cartoon was placed in proximity to the recent story of the two kidnaped and murdered soldiers.
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