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February 2, 2005

Angouleme Festival Attracts 210,000 Fans

More reports on last weekend's Festival Interational De La Bande Dessinee have started to come out.

image* The annual write-up in Le Monde gives the 210,000 attendance figure. With a level of awareness that would be stunning in a major North American media source, the paper comments that the festival prizes may have poorly served contemporary French comics and that the number of past winners reflects a "soft consensus." They also felt Art Spiegelman was generally a big hit.

* Another article on a French comics site notes that Alex Robinson and his "brick" was the only exception to the old regulars winning the prizes, and they include a picture of a very well-dressed, very happy-looking Robinson accepting his award that's worth the click-over by itself. It's way better than an editor in a t-shirt mumbling that they "know the cartoonist is here somewhere, slug him if you see him this weekend," by any measure. That same article asserts that Dave Cooper's work made an impression with European audiences.

* Finally, this article talks about Hiroyuki Takei, creator of Shaman King, being made a "citoye d'honneur de la Ville D'Angouleme," and how that honor contrasts with past visits by popular manga artists.
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