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January 31, 2005

Angouleme Round-Up: Wolinsky Wins Grand Prize; Spiegelman Receives Honor from Minister of Culture

imageAlthough one might expect some more idiosyncratic writing in the next few days as exhaustion fades and people return home, the early reports on this year's version are in. Two major items of news out of the festival, one typical and one not. First, the Grand Prix, which means a celebration of and involvement by the artist in next year's festival, went to Georges Wollinsky. Second, Art Spiegelman was named a Chevalier des Arts et Letres on Friday evening during a small ceremony (I saw it first at Egon), which is pictured here. The main site also has last week's prize winners, including quotes about them, listed here.

The best write-up I've seen thus far, meaning the only one I've seen that isn't just bare facts, is this one. The piece acknowledges some of the problems the Festival had -- it looks like there was a train strike that made it difficult for some to make the commute from Paris, for instance. The article also at least gets into the more general dispute that may have colored this year festival, the objection by Joann Sfar and some others that the prize nominees did not reflect the French cartooning scene of right now. The author points out that the prize winners may be viewed as a counter-argument to these complaints.

Photos are promised here; a small piece on the progress of murals that I enjoyed reading is right here.

imageI don't know that much about Georges Wolinsky, although I recall last year's naming of the very popular Zep kind of worried some more hardcore arts purists and the 70-year-old Wolinsky seems at least a very different kind of artist with a very different background. Here's his entry at Lambiek; there's a biography on the Festival's front page and an interview a bit further back. A few French-language entries/profiles can be found here, here and here. This site had two pages of Wolinsky art.
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