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May 14, 2012

Avengers-Related Hero Initiative Donations Hit $2871


An e-mail this morning says that Avengers movie-related fundraising for the Hero Initiative charity is close to $3000. I assume from what they told me last week this includes the first round of sent checks picked up during a weekly Post Office run. While by my calculations this is a little less than six seconds' worth of the money made by the movie on Saturday -- six seconds! -- a figure between four and five grand is actually what I thought the effort might garner when it was originally announced.

While I'm always a little bit dubious about the social leverage that may be claimed for protest-related fundraising and the way this can be reverse-engineered to discredit causes, I'm also always of the mind that giving to charity is a good thing no matter how much money raised or the reasons for it. So I see this as a good thing, and as someone that loves the work made by creators this organization supports I'm grateful to everyone that took this time and donated money.

Here's a note from the Jack Kirby Museum people about $1300 donated last week to that cause.
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