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January 28, 2010

Bart Beaty in Angouleme 2010—01


By Bart Beaty

imageThe FIBD opened today with grey skies and a light drizzle, which dampened the mood somewhat. The setup is remarkably similar to last year, which made finding things easy. Thursday is the slowest day in the tents, ideal for browsing. I took photos of the books I want to buy, stopping at 50. This will be a costly trip.

Took in four shows:

Blutch. This is, as his note says, not a retrospective. The show had (almost) no comics, as he is opposed to displaying comics on museum walls. Beautiful color drawings for the most part, many with darkly violent sexual overtones. The space is far too small to handle the crowds.

Fabio Viscogliosi: More drawings, no comics. I loved this. Beautiful works, some I'd like to buy. Two wonderful sculptures. This was great.

Humor comics. This was not much of anything.

Louvre: An expansion of the show from Paris last year, and better here than there. Nicolas de Crecy originals are just stunning.

Things are definitely quiet at the moment. Like the red yoga balls above every street, an aura that something is bound to fall.

Best book bought on day one: Das Anatomische Theater by Milorad Krstic (cover image via photo above). A cultural history of the twentieth century in a few hundred pages of illustrations. More an art catalogue than a comic proper, and priced accordingly. I've been waiting for a book like this from Krstic for what seems like a decade.


[all photos by Bart Beaty as well]
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